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99.99%+ Spritual Uptime

Through collaboration and innovation we can acheive unprecendented levels of spiritual uptime. Our industry-leading SLA guarantees four 'nines', leaving you a mere four minutes per month of disorienting existential disalusionment!

Hoodie Group Buy Details!!!

Email pipegreppers - at - gmail.com with subject line "hoodie" if interested.
How much is a hoodie?

$121 USD (this includes tax, shipping, etc.)

Is there really a pipegreppers union?

Sadly no. Dreams can come true if there is enough passion to make it happen.

Why 415?

San Francisco area code.

Why 415?

San Francisco area code.

How did the hoodie come to be?

The idea of pipegreppers union started as swag hoodies that were given away at a drupalcon years ago.

What kind of hoodie is it?

It is a black marine layer hoodie. It comes in S, M, L, XL, 2XL; the vendor does not carry XS :-(; fitting chart - click here

Where does it ship to?

Just about anywhere on the planet :-); ask pipegreppers - at - gmail.com about this with subject line "hoodie" if you have questions

What does the hoodie look like